There is no way to describe who a human being is in text alone. We've certainly tried, but it's much like sampling ice cream by smelling the different flavors. In an attempt to give you the information you're looking for without wasting your time, I'll simply list what's important to me and what I believe:


Truth, justice, and the American way; Belief, faith, hope, trust, loyalty, and love; Logic and reason (if separated from their older brother, Arrogance); Connection, peacemaking, and friendship; Humor, music, flight, aerospace engineering, and exploration; Dreams, passions, and pursuits of excellence; Stories, movies, plays, and campfire recollections; Philosophy and the patterns of people; The transforming and dangerous power of technological innovation.

I am a human being, so by definition I've had successes and failures, low moments in pursuit of high hopes, and resilience beyond what I originally considered myself to have. Also, I believe I am no where close to done yet. And the phrasing of this paragraph might be subtly revealing that I generally believe these things about others as well.

As for abilities, my most marketable skills are problem-solving, business consulting, FileMaker Pro development, video and audio editing, educating others about flight, and writing. I enjoy seeing people's lives get easier and/or helping them pursue their art, even when they don't consider it to be "art". And I'm a dot connector. Yes, that's a marketable skill.

That's what I smell like.

-Brad Stanford

August 2020